Reign of Winter

10/10/16 Adventure

XP Awards for your time spent in Waldsby…

·         You rescued a caravan from a giant mantis.

·         You brutally attacked Mierul Ardelain.

·         A raven swarm attacked from the northwest.

·         You interrupted a seizure of Nadya from her own home.


XP Awards for your initial assault on the Pale Tower

·         Death count:  14 guards, 1 troll, 1 water elemental, 1 door, and lots of ice!


Events / Encounters

Giant Mantis – 300xp each

Mierul Ardelain – 200xp each

Raven Swarm – 200xp each

Guards at the Door – 200xp each

Tower Assault – 1,400xp each


Misc Awards

What key?  Oh, that key! – 100xp to Sal.


XP Stats

David      2,000+300+200+200+200+1400=4,300  (LEVEL 2)

Maddy   4,120+300+200+200+200+1400=6,420 (LEVEL 3)

Trevor    4,120+300+200+200+200+1400=6,420  (LEVEL 3)

Sal            2,000+300+200+200+200+1400+100=4,400  (LEVEL 2)



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