Reign of Winter


Having escaped the wiles of the Woods Wife.  Your party continued on its journey toward Whitethrone with Nadya as your guide.  If you can just make it safely there you should be able to find the Shackled Hut.


As expected, the trip would not be simple.  You were attacked in the night by Jinkins (don’t worry… just a prank).  Faced down a wild animal in a strangely summer-like pocket.  And managed to lose one of Nadya’s children…. Good job Robin!!!


Events / Encounters

Jinkins – 250xp each

Pocket of Summer – 250xp each

Finding Orm – 500xp each

Ice Golem – 300xp each


Misc Awards

Father Figure Award – 200xp (Sal)


XP Stats

David      7,500+250+250+500+300=8,800  (LEVEL 3)

Maddy   9,640+250+250+500+300=10,940 (LEVEL 4)

Trevor    9,640+250+250+500+300=10,940  (LEVEL 4)

Sal            7,500+250+250+500+200+300=9,000  (LEVEL UP! – LEVEL 4) Ooh baby!

Dan          7,500+250+250+500+300=8,800  (LEVEL 3)



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